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Chuck will attempt to cut you down by driving straight at you.Most of the cards will come from normal leveling up over the course of the game, roughly half your total.Get several bottles of alcohol and find a group of unsuspecting zombies.Photo Journalist (Bronze): Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from pictures.Scattered around the area are several Assault Rifles which you can use to attack Boykin at range.For this reason, I recommend that you do this trophy on a separate playthrough with a high level character, and spend most of the game just sitting and waiting.In Atlantica Casino, climb the triangular sign next to the high-rollers room on the north side of the room.TK will not follow you out onto these paths, so it can also give you a temporary respite from combat if necessary.Make one, and drop it at the octagonal platform near the end of the challenge.

All the latest Dead Rising 2: Off the Record cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies, achievements, FAQs,. then beat him in strip poker in the "Ante Up" case.Psychopath Boots - In the security room of the Fortune City Arena.Take it to the Fortune City Bank (U109) and open the box to find Zombrex.Search the indicated location to find the corresponding magazine.UNTOUCHABLE (Prevents grappling by zombies - 60 seconds) Toggle Spoiler.Boykin will also lob grenades, usually at the end of his gunfire, arcing them over cover in order to flush you out.

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Both players have to hit the finish target at the same time, so whoever is in the lead has to stop on a dime to hit the checkered flag, while the player behind can hit him at full speed.

There will be several of them all along the strip and the game will force you to destroy them to proceed.Note that scratch cards do not count, so you will have to wait until the actual card is awarded to you before marking it off on your list.. Off the Record - Trophy Guide & Road Map. any survivor that will play strip poker will. Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.You can destroy the remainder of the chairs in whatever method you prefer.

Dead Rising 2 - Walkthrough. Dead_Rising_2_Combo_Weapons Defeating Ted is relatively easy,. Side note: During strip poker,.In the third and final phase, two missile racks will rise out of the ground on either side of the area.Climb up on those machines, then work your way right across the roof until you reach the goal.When her health is low, equip a health item, approach her and press when prompted to give her the item.Helmet: Defeat Jack at Strip Poker in the "Ante Up" mission,. New Hotness (20 points): Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.Approach the generator and press when prompted to restore the power.This might be best to do on your first playthrough, just to get it out of the way.Recommended Items: Photography 1, Photography 2, Fountain Fireworks.Bring 3-4 bottles of alcohol and a weapon that slices up zombies.

When ready, drive down the ramp to the Underground Area next to the Yucatan Casino and make your way to the challenge start.Use this playthrough to obtain any of the optional plot trophies that you may have missed, like Tiger Tamer or No Zombies in the Vents.Throw a Massager on the ground, and drink the alcohol until you puke on the floor.

Dead rising 2 off the record all survivors guide |. Cora and other survivors play strip poker with later on in. Palisades Mall Water Bar Day 3, Sept. 27 3 am.Denyse will not take mixed drinks, nor will she use combo weapons.

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On the eastern side of the second floor, smash the window and find the Zombrex at the end of the ledge.Clothes: On the lower level of Palisades Mall in KokoNutz Sports Town on a rack.In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, the Protoman Costume is similar to the Megaman costume from Dead Rising, but with a strong attack that.Use this opportunity to wear him down with a strong melee weapon like Knife Gloves or the Defiler.Get to the balloon over the craps table as quickly as possible.

To reach the hidden room, outside one of the shops is a phone booth.In the Uranus Zone, go to the UFO Crash ride on the east side of the park.Looking for codes, cheats, tips and secrets for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record? These cheats will show you how to unlock new Outfits and Costumes to spruce up your game.All of the Survivors will pile in the back seat and the trophy will be yours.Challenge Domination Achievement in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Create or buy a Tesla Ball from the Pawn shop on the strip. then head around to the Poker.Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is not very demanding when it comes to requirements.The only thing that you will not have access to is Security Box Keys, as they are only present in the campaign mode.These do not have to be in the same play session or with the same partner.Go past the sniper postition, following the ledge around until you can jump to the ledge outside Juggz (S103).

Save a damsel in distress for the third and final time. 4.27 No Zombies in the Vents.Recommended Items: Sports Fan Costume, Inventory full of Booze.Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for PlayStation 3 cheats. All outfits have the same function as in Dead Rising 2. Defeat Jack at strip poker in the Ante Up.

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Dead Rising 2 Strip Poker Gameplay. March 29,. it just strip one piece of your clothing off. what do you use to record your gameplay?.

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Note that for this to occur, you have to have completed all the previous case files, otherwise the game will end before you get the trophy.Aside from that, all magazines, weapons, items and stickers are available for your exploitation.

Psychos (Get a 25% PP boost from defeating psychos.): Toggle Spoiler.Bargaining 1 (Lowers cost of items in the pawn shop by 10%): Toggle Spoiler.Strategy: Using the elevator in the Palisades Mall, retrieve the Blast Frequency Gun from the underground lab, and combine it with an Amplifier to make the Super BFG.The zombies should flow around you and press against the stage.okay im getting close. whats this talk of having to save a certain survivor though before i can get the quest?.

Combat 1 (Get a 10% boost to PPs earned from weapon kills): Toggle Spoiler.Please note that other picture types such as Horror, Drama, Brutality, Outtake and Special can contribute to this total, as long as the photo is predominantly Erotic.At the end of the ledge, jump to the broken balcony, then turn around and jump up to a flowerbox above you.Open the listed security box to get the corresponding contents.Inside the Fortune City Arena security room, on the rightmost panel near a dead guard in a chair.If you happen to be approaching a favorable number and combination of survivors while on your first playthrough, give it a shot.The Protoman., Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Xbox 360. Close. Costume Part Locations. Defeat Jack at strip poker in the Ante Up mission,.

Once the twins are defeated and Rebecca is released, you will get the trophy.Load up your inventory with Lizard Masks from Ye Olde Toybox (R107) then start.Safety Check: Failed (Bronze): Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once.